Saturday, July 14, 2018


Why is it important when having mould issues to have the property inspected by a certified mould assessor/Inspector?
Generally, when in a property and mould is present the obvious places to look would be ceilings, cornices, around window frames and window blinds.

The company given the task would assess and inspect the property for mould  and moisture issues .
Quote and give a Report on what is found.
This would also include moisture and humidity testing and giving feedback on the possible cause of the mould issues:
In many cases it could be just a ceiling or around a window frame where mould is visible. Or mould could be behind a gyp-rock stud wall.
The picture below shows hidden mould where a fabric bedhead was hung on the wall black mould was present.

(The occupier oblivious and basically sleeping with her head next to the mould)
The mould was removed from the wall the rest of the room and belongings treated for mould:
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