Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Preventions for mould growth:

Preventions for mould growth:

As mould needs humidity/moisture/water to grow, the most important thing to do first to prevent any mould growth within your home is to keep any water/moisture generated within the home to an absolute minimum. This can be greatly achieved by;

1. Finding and repairing any water leaks and/or seepage

2. Dry out or Remove unnecessary materials 

3. Maintain a clean home environment

4. Promote your family’s lifestyle practices to reduce moisture in the home/ open window and use vent fan when showering

5. In some instances, you may find the need to use a dehumidifier at times when the moisture level in your home is high.

6. Give thought to what will produce moisture in your home such as showers, cooking, etc. and ensure you have adequate exhaust fans in those areas to extract the moisture.

7. Opening windows for a short time can help dry a moisture area in your home but be aware that the wind can move mould spores to another area of your home.

8. Ensure your clothes dryer is exhausting correctly (directly outside) if not open doors or window

9. Check your dryers after every use and keep it clean inside and out.

10. Never hang your wet washing inside to dry. Use an undercover outdoor area for this.

11. Leave the bathroom exhaust fan running for up to 10 minutes after your shower to help remove moisture in the air

12. If you have carpet in your bathroom, it is advisable to remove it as it will never be completely dry. also remove wet towels.

13. When cooking, wherever possible use a lid to minimise open pot boiling. Use range hood vent fan.

14. Keep an eye on your roof with regular checks to ensure there are no cracks, shifted tiles, blocked gutters, downpipes or anywhere else the water can seep into your ceiling cavity.

15. After a flood or water overflow, ensure the entire area is completely dried. In most cases a professional is required to achieve this effectively.                   

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